Gilbert Family Medicine

Outside the Norm

“It’s very rare for us to run more than fifteen minutes late. We value our patients’ time. We know they have jobs to get to, and kids to pick up from school.”

Areas of Top Medical Focus

As a comprehensive Family Medicine facility, we help treat patients of all ages from pediatrics to geriatrics, and enjoy being a regular part of people’s lives and playing a proactive role in their health. We offer:

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Family Practice

Made Perfect

For nearly fifteen years, Dr. Ginsberg has been “giving back” through his own practice, Gilbert Family Medicine. He chose Family Medicine because of the interpersonal connections it allows him to form with his patients – relationships which he says are one of his favorite parts of the job. He once considered going into Emergency Medicine, but decided against it. “You can make an immediate difference, but the patients are in and out, and you may never see them again,” Dr. Ginsberg says. As a Family Practitioner, he truly gets to know everyone who comes through his office doors, realizing his dream of a practice that doesn’t “treat patients like cattle.”

Same Day Appointments Available!
(480) 355-8180